6 November 2015

A year in the life of an art studio!

Wow! We just realised we have been at Flossy and Jim HQ for nearly a whole one year! *Gasp!*

We thought we take a look at some of the highlights of our first year in an actual studio!

Where it all began two and a half years ago!

Setting up from home, under the stairs

First official job

The studio opens!

I celebrate by buying some monkey boots....obvs

Jim joins the team! We become 'Flossy and Jim!' This is a photo on his first day answering the phone.

The shopping arcade gets new shops, and we make new friends!

We meet lots of crazy people on the way...

...including our fave barista family!

Flossy and Jim powered by caffeine!

All the coffee pays off and we win an award for best new business! Whoop!

One of the best days ever when we got free personalised sweets!!!

We were over-run with portrait orders...

...and our children's range sold all over the world!

We sold the mini and got bikes instead!

We worked so much our pencils shrunk...

We got in the papers!

Olive's highlight was the fireplace...

Off to another awards ceremony (it's a hard life)

Halloween fun

...and we topped off the year by getting bloomin' engaged!

What a year! Our studio is now undergoing a little refurb to ensure our next year will be even better! We have lots of exciting projects we are working on and who knows what we will be doing this time next year! Thanks to everyone who has supported us in our first year at Dartmouth - we love you lots. xx