15 October 2015

Things that go bump in the day!!

BOO !!!

Did we scare you?...thought so!! It's nearly Halloween, and we are getting in the mood this week...

We scared ourselves in these onesies!!...nobody should be subjected to a twerking unicorn and a skeleton wearing crocs !! Mmmwahh haaa haaaa...

Not only are these onesies keeping us warm and happy in our studio.. we are going to wear them when we tape up the rather fabulous Miss P as we take over her show on Riviera FM this Halloween...The S.A.S have balaclavas..we have these..the bandages are Miss P's own!

This is Miss P in a non hostage type situation..

Other spooky goings on in the night were aplenty, Flossy did an "after hours" sleepwalk and re-arranged our kitchen in a healthy Dino / Pac-Man-esque situation...she has no memory of doing this...g.u.l.p..

We ate this delicious "family" cake generously donated by our fab neighbours CareQuest...after we unhooked ourselves from the ceiling from seeing the spider!..please note that the spider is plastic and cannot be chewed for over 5 mins!..

 How are you folks spending your halloween...answers on a postcard please!