25 October 2015

Sunny Swindon!

This week, we went back to my home town of sunny Swindon! It was so lovely to go 'home' for a bit, and catch up with some family. We were literally there for a day and a night, as it was the middle of the week and we were actually meant to be at work, but we decided to have a little mini break to see the band 'Space' in concert, and while we were in Swindon, have a little pootle about! I popped in to see my lovely dad or 'Papa' as I call him, after the dodgy 90's Renault clio advert....'Nicole! Papa!' (Does anyone else remember that advert - haha!) Anyway, we popped in to see him, and his brand spanking new cat! This kitten is mental! He has crazy eyes and is a right little bruiser. We spent the whole time at my dads, pretty much not listening to my dad, and instead playing with the kitten. (Soz dad.)

After seeing my dad, playing with my dad's kitten, we thought we would go for a nice walk. I decided to bore Jim with stories from my childhood, and dragged him around to see the park I used to play at when I was little, the hedge I fell in when I was eleven, my old homes, my friends homes, my school, where I had a 'fly graveyard'....and eventually the highlight of my childhood....'Lydiard Park'. This is a gorgeous park in Swindon, with a massive lake, mansion and walled rose garden. It is truly a stunning park, and I have lots of happy memories there. We walked around it, and it felt really funny taking my son there, when it only feels I was a kid there not that long ago! I even bumped into a old school friend on the way!

Beautiful autumn leaves

Disclaimer: Lydiard Park is not poo....actually.

Duck pond. 

Cow Horses.

Me and Kai strolling through the park! We could totes be an Oasis album cover!

Cool town centre mural.
We then decided to go into the town, and have a look about....I can't believe how much it has all changed. I planned to meet my brother by a water fountain, that is not even there now, and is now a cafe. That was confusing.

We then got so confused, we decided to go to Designer Outlet Centre instead. This was the hang out of our youth. Totes posh youths ya!

Jay got entranced by a giant lego watch. My bro is a #1 top lego fan

Then we found a gigantic lego shoe?!

I was a bit overwhelmed by the 'bigness' of Swindon, and how fast everything is. I have been in Devon for eight years now, and even though we LOVE it, I think it's turned me into a bit of a country bumpkin. It felt really nice to be back in Swindon though, and I even bought a top that was not 'Saltrock' or from a charity shop. *Shock*. Can't wait to come back soon! Xx