10 October 2015


This was the soundtrack of our week unfortunately. We have had colds, coughs and sneezes which has been a bit rubbish.

These matrix style cold pills soon sorted us out though.
I think they gave me funny dreams though, as I had a dream I was a jellyfish.

In good news - our new scarves arrived! This one is my fave and feels so lovely! Only £24.99 from our shop www.flossyandjim.com *nearly chrimbo don't you know...* ;)

Everyone at work has been busy as usual and we are all making plans for the Palladium Arcade!
Watch this space Dartmouth!

Good news! This week has seen our baby-wear relaunched!

We found a tree eating a fence...

...while on another bike ride to work. This week we rode 75 miles each! WAH!


This really summed up our week - which was not THAT exciting, but still fun, in a mucho bogey / coughy type of way!

We are off now to watch a film under a blanket and hibernate with mashed potato. SCORE!

Hope you are all ok and had a good week! Hopefully next week our blog will be back to full health again! Flossy and Jim over and out! *Cough.* Xx