23 October 2015

An over-excited concert review

*Warning* This post has dangerous levels of nineties geek, smells a bit 'myspace', and has an added pinch of 90's spotty teenager excitement, but actually comes from the mouth of a thirty five year old mother yo.  

If you were not under a rock in the nineties, you would have heard music from the band 'Space'. Even if you have never heard of them, if you hear a song, you would recognise them. Well, I LOVED them as a teenager, and it played a massive part of my 'growing up' soundtrack of life. They recently announced a come back tour, and the first gig was in Swindon, my home town! I was so excited, I immediately got tickets. I then proceeded to tell my brother who lives in Dublin. He was also very excited and booked tickets and flights back to the UK - that is just HOW.BLOOMIN.EXCITED.we were.

Wednesday night we all met up and went to The Vic in Swindon, which is an amazing tiny pub with an underground bar, and stage. We were stood right at the back of the room, in the corner (a bit scared), excitedly eating twiglets. (Rock and Roll.)

When the band came on, they were amazing. It was so cool to be within such close proximity to real life amazing singers. When they sang my favourite song, I got so excited I screamed in my brothers face. (Sorry Jay.)

I love going to concerts with my brother, as it is like a massive sing along party with Wallace and Gromit. Everytime a good song came on we looked at each other and did a cheesy grin - haha! I don't know why we do this, there must be something wrong with us. 
The surprise of the night was when they played 'The ballad of Tom Jones', we really didn't expect them to do this song without Cerys, so it was an amazing added bonus. If you get a chance to see them we would 10000000% recommend it. (Apologies for lack of actual concert photos, but all you would have seen were peoples heads and fuzz.)