17 October 2015

A Super Pooper Week!

Hola! How was your week? Hope it was a good one! 

The week for us was very varied...

We worked on a new and exciting project!

Which involves drawing cake...*cue mucho cake eating research*

It's ok though, we burnt it off by cycling another 80 miles each this week! WAH! On one of the days, we had to collect some prints from Torquay, and on the way back to the studio, we stopped to observe the 'Sand Man' doing his thaaang on the beach - amazing!!!

This was the week we also launched our very own 'Turnip Prize!' Our own art installation involved putting eyes on inanimate objects to make them come alive. This is the horse poo version. The next day, the poo had gone, and there was just a poo stain on the floor, with the eyes still on it!!! Hahahaha! This made us laugh a lot.

Yellow man - pedestrian path on the way to the Dartmouth higher ferry.

Motorcycle parking on the Higher Ferry - *titter* We will be continuing on this project and will update again soon! You can enter this competition by checking out our facebook page here: The Turnip Prize

This week, we had not one but two very cute visitors in the studio! This is Milo the Puppy! Awwww! 

....and Bailey in her very cute knitted jumper! This puppy is so soft and velvety you want to rub her on your face.

So, that was a snippet into our week! This weekend we plan to be mucho lazy, and have a chill! What are you doing this weekend? Flossy and Jim - Over and Out. Xx