4 October 2015

A funny old bag of a week.

Yo! Yo! Yo!

Fancy seeing you here! Thanks for coming to visit us - we think you are fab!

This week has been a funny old bag....here is what happened at F & J's...

Our family portrait orders have gone crazy! Here is one we finished this week!

...and another!

We had the most amazing bacon butty at Beardy Dans, 'Coffee and Cake Company' in Brixham. He has grown his beard back now, so everything is good in the world again. 

Olive did an impression of a fisher price telephone.


We were mentioned on the t'radio not once but twice this week! Our Flossy and Jim Buzzfeed post was mentioned on Breeze FM, and the lovely 'Alternative Miss P', played us a song on Riviera FM! AMAZE!

We got tattoo's!!! In total we had five between us, and Jim even got his neck tattooed. We are booked in again for another fours each before the end of the year. We just can't get enough of the PAIN! 

We took this photo with a party ring biscuit, to make Olive look the right way. (She could never work for Vogue.)

On the other hand (geddit), maybe I could! I became a hand model for '4uraQT!.
 I'm off now to party with Kate Moss yo. (My hands are bottom left, like some sort of hand alien.)

Did you see the red moon? Oooh! Wasn't it beautiful!?

Our unicorn tote bag is proving a popular christmas choice already! Only £14.99 from our shop at: www.flossyandjim.com

...and remember for every purchase you make, we are donating 10% to the 'Mayan Families' charity, from now until Christmas.

We also caught a cold this week (not taking a photo of that.) What have you guys been up to? Xx