25 September 2015

You know you live in Brixham when...

1. Your wardrobe is half 'Saltrock.' 

2. You know that 'BRATS' is not a form of diva behaviour, but in-fact something much darker.


3. You have called the RSPCA on at least one occasion regarding a fallen baby seagull / squashed seagull / seagull with broken wing.


4. You have a tattoo from 'New Tribe'.


5. You think the local seal is your friend.


6. You have been shouted at by 'Rosie Pigeon', become mates with 'PPP', and got 'Banjo Mans' tunes stuck in your head.


7. You have screamed like crazy, thinking there is a snake in your house / garden. 
(Fact: it's a slow-worm.)


8. You can parallel park like a ninja.


9. You have intimate knowledge of seagull mating rituals.

10. Your walk to town consists of chatting to at least ten people.


11. You have about 10 billion choices of local coffee house to go to, but would never set foot in Costa. (Total betrayal.)

12. You can crack walnuts in your bum cheeks due to all the steep hill walking.


13. You have spotted a dolphin / jellyfish / mackerel and then boasted about it on social media - 'I'm like so totally tropical it hurts!'

14. You realise you have more chip shops per square inch, than anywhere else in the universe...(probs.)