13 September 2015

The Torbay Hour Awards and a bit of Rambo

Last week we attended the fabulous 'Torbay Hour Social Media Awards!' The first event of it's kind for the bay, to celebrate and promote local businesses in Torbay. It was organised amazingly by Sophie, James and Martin of #TorbayHour fame, and was the most amazing night, compered by the lovely Harry.

We were nominated for 'Best Blog' at the awards night, and we were up against Katie Skilton (of Crafty TV Channel fame), and Michelle Meredith (newspaper columnist and hilarious writer.) 

No pressure then...

After a fight with some wonder web (you might know the story about my stupidly long dressand a dash about a couple of vintage shops for Jim to find a waistcoat...we were ready and on our way!

On the way... mini selfie....obvs....

Our table came with very cute social media twitter bird place settings.

On arrival we had a professional photograph taken and were handed a drink. We felt well posh.

Our jaws were literally aching from all the yapping we did. It was lovely to meet so many amazing people, and finally meet them face to face after chatting and tweeting to them all through social media.

We were then sat down for a three course dinner. We were sat next to Katie Skilton, and we were chatting so much, the waiter kept taking our dinner away before we finished! We need to learn to eat and talk faster. The food was soooo yum.

The dinner then finished and the awards began! It was very exciting and we felt very proud to see our 'Flossy and Jim' designed certificates being proudly shown off.

The 'Best Blog' Awards went to Michelle...we tried not to be too bitter, and thought as we were the certificate designers, we could always just print ourselves off winning certificates when we got home. If anyone else needs one, we only charge a tenner for a print off. ;) Michelle does have an AMAZING blog though, and we do read it and LOL a lot! You can find her here: Michelle's hilarious blog

Our face to the other people when we lost.

How we actually felt. ;)

We spent a few weeks coming up with ideas for the awards, and finally decided on going for a illustration of Torbay, with a twitter bird flying away! We nearly filled a whole sketchbook with ideas! We really enjoyed this project.

Our fave part of the certificate is 'Moses' the waving man. He has seen his picture and loves it. He said he is very honoured to be a part of the certificate and sent us love and light. *Squeal!*

We then really milked it, and now we sell giant postcards of Torbay in our online shop! www.flossyandjim.com

All the winners with their Flossy and Jim certificates!

We made Torbay Hour their own special certificate...

 ...for the best night ever! We can't wait till next years event! So, that was our very special awards night gossip. When we got home, we put on our jammies and watched 'Rambo' with Olive. She loves a bit of Rambo. Award night gossip over and out. Xx