5 September 2015

Please excuse my awesomeness.

Kaitlin - my little girl is ten. She hates the colour pink and anything girly. She loves vampires and wishes she could have vampire teeth. She hates clowns and spiders. She really really REALLY wants a corn snake for Christmas. 

Me...'Flossy'...I am thirty five. My favourite colour is yellow and I am scared of spaghetti hoops. I have to fluff all the cushions in the house, and check all the oven knobs are at zero before we go to bed, and I really really REALLY want a Mr Frosty and some new knickers for Christmas.

Today we learnt all this new stuff about each-other. I thought that was pretty cool.

We decided today we would go to town and have some girl time.

Which apparently meant taking selfies and pouting like a pair of old trouts.

We hung out in the park and had chats and did meditating. Kaitlin took some photos on my iphone and edited them all by herself. The photos came out amazing! I love seeing the world through her eyes!

Kaitlin got this hat. I did not get a hat. Adult hats are poo.

Then we had to stop and have some lunch. Obvs.

Kaitlin decided we should then buy a pot of lucky charms and eat them in the park.

Kaitlin and the big wheel. We went on this a few years ago and freaked ourselves right out.

We then visited the joke shop and bought some fun snaps. We spent a good half an hour hurling these at the pavement in amazement...and possibly looking a bit yobbish.

'Winter ready' selfie.

Jim and his mum picked us up in the mini as they were out shopping for paint and wood at the same time. When we got in the car Jim told us to mind the wood for splinters. Kaitlin replied 'Well, you better mind the car for awesomeness...we are in the car now.' Haha! She does make me laugh. Xx