30 September 2015

Me & Mine - Gone Bad! (Setiembre!)

Bye Bye September! You have been fun! 

We even managed to get a last minute rare photograph of us all together! Whoop! (Even if Olive didn't want to look at the camera.) 

The rare photo opportunity took a turn for the worse when we found the 'effects' button on Photobooth....

Olive was not impressed...

This month we made a massive life change and sold our car. We decided to be a 'car-free' family for many reasons. 1. We are forced to get fitter and be healthy 2. We will save a heap of dosh 3. We don't have to worry about parking in the tiny wiggly streets of Brixham harbour anymore! So far it has gone well, and we are certainly feeling fitter and slightly richer! SCORE!

What have you been up to this month? What's the gossip!? Xx