19 September 2015

A very yellow week!



We hope you have had a good week! 

This week has been very 'bikey' for us. We made a pact to ride our bikes to work every day, and we did it! Whoop! We cycle from our house in Brixham to our studio in Dartmouth, which is six miles each way - twelve bloomin' miles a day or sixty miles a week! I don't think that is too shabby. 

We had to eat a lot of YELLOW bananas for energy. (That was yellow fact #1)

Our bums may not agree. *Ow*

We do have a little rest to catch the higher ferry to cross the river Dart. 

My very YELLOW (fact #2) Flossy bike. Got to advertise where you can! ;)

We found a shortcut through a farmers field one day, which was good. We saw this horse, (and also a cow having a mahoosive wee.)

Jim in 'man with bikes' pose.

Jim in action mode (we had to walk this bit as it got a bit rock-tastic)

I never wear trainers. This is rare Flossy in trainers shocker.

We have also been very busy at work doing Christmas stuff, a couple of top secret projects (we can announce one of them next month - eep!) and loads more portraits! Our current portrait includes a phoenix, a unicorn and a rainbow and we are beyond excited to finish it and show you! (We had to make a sign for our office as we kept having to pop to the printers!)

One very happy YELLOW (fact #3) portrait we finished last week! Our first boat portrait!

We then decided quite randomly one afternoon, that we would give our office a little makeover. We decided to cover our desks with bright YELLOW (fact #4) sticky back plastic. (The tables before were white and covered in stains and were looking pretty ropey. Our lovely friend Charlotte who works next to us, gave us a hand and she made it look fantastic!  

Jim said that now our desks look like large pieces of mango.

That was our week really! 

Oooh, before we go, don't forget we have a giveaway on our facebook page right now! CLICK TO ENTER You could win a whole bunch of Flossy and Jim cards! Don't forget to enter as it ends Monday at 10am. *Good Luck!*

Thanks for reading our yellow shizzle! What have you lot been up to?! Hmmmmm?! *Shines yellow torch light in your face.* Xx