3 September 2015

A very girlie post

OK, this post is very 'girlie'. You have been warned.

Tomorrow night we are off to the 'Torbay Hour Social Media Awards' (we may have mentioned this before...) as we have been nominated for 'BEST BLOG!' Yay!

So, in preparation I had my nails done, all posh, in an actual nail bar. Luckily, our design studio is next door to an AMAZING nail bar called '4uraQT Nails'. (For you are a cutie....geddit, geddit?!)

Holly did my nails for me in a gel polish and added sparkle to some of my nails. SNAZ.

The nail treatment was so relaxing and Holly does an amazing job, I feel very de-stressed right now. Holly also has her puppy Milo in her nail bar, to add to the relaxing ambience. After five mins with Milo, I feel like I have been on a weekend spa break, he is sooooo cute!!! 

The amazing nail bar.

Holly and her puppy Milo.

Ooooh...which colour should I choose?!

Ta da! My posh new nails!

Milo works in quality control, and approved the nails.

This is a picture of the dress I'm wearing. When I put it on, it was about one whole metre too long (seriously)...who do they think wears these dresses?! Giraffes?!?

After a couple of hours swearing, with a pair of scissors, a leaky iron and some wonder-web, it fits me now....so I think I'm ready to go.

Jim is going to figure out his outfit tonight...he was thinking of some sort of trouser, shirt, vintage tank top combo...(he says it depends on what he can fit into, as I keep making him eat cake.) 

We will update you on what happens at the awards! Bye for now! Xx

'4uraQT Nails' are based at 3 The Palladium, Duke Street, Dartmouth, Devon, TQ6 9PY (next to us!) Treatments start at just £5.00 - you can find out more info on Holly's facebook page!