30 August 2015

Work, Rest and Play!

This week has been full of work, rest and play - just like the old mars bar adverts.

Work - we have been working hard on lots of new projects, and we also finished all the certificates for the Torbay Hour Social Media Awards which are due to be held this Friday! Here is a little sneak peek of the finished certificate!

Rest - playing hide and seek with Olive.

We updated cartoon Olive, as she has much more character now she is one! 

Play - we played with our brand new stamps, which was very exciting.

We used them to pay horrible bills.

This was also the week Jim beat his world record of how much food he can get in his mouth in one go. This week he crammed a whole teacake AND a jammy dodger all in his mouth in one go. It was quite incredible and an honour to witness this achievement.

It was also an incredible honour to bump into Bertie Bassett outside work. (I'm a big fan.)

We all went to the cinema to watch Pixars 'Inside Out' - I cried a lot. In secret. Pretending to have hayfever. BEST MOVIE EVER. (*The kids decided to watch the film actually with their clothes on inside out. Nutters.)

Rasta Mouse came with us to the cinema...he really enjoyed the film too, and gives it five stars.

This week is Dartmouth Royal Regatta week - one of the highlights of the Summer Holidays for sure! It gets so CRAZY BUSY, it is best to go by scooter if you can. These are our scooter faces. Bo!

A big regatta Navy ship.

Regatta giant Pimms teapot - helpfully being poured by Jim.

Muchas happy Regatta dogs!

We ended the week by spotting this cool bus in Lidl car park. Still dreaming people....

How was your week? What have you been doing? We hope you had lots of nice work, rest and play too. Flossy and Jim over and out. Xx