24 August 2015

The time we decided to buy a bus.

Today we are officially back at work, after a two week rest. It has been really good to take a step back from everything, hang out with the kiddos and see life from a new perspective.

As a result of lots of chats and family discussions, we made the grand decision to sell the mini *gasp!*, but have decided to save up and instead buy a second hand bus.

The kids have told us they want to go on 'a major road trip', and who are we to refuse?! I really do think that kids should make decisions about adults lives, as they always come up with the best ideas! ;)

So, that is that. We are selling the mini and buying a bus. The kids are still in school, and are entering the very important years of GCSE's and lots of decisions, so we have decided we will travel around Europe to start with, so we can easily fit this in with their holidays, and will give us all time to chill and relax in the stressful teenager years. (Please God don't let them be scary teenagers. Thank you. Amen.)

Bye bye Mini!

Hello Bus!

We would rip out most of the seats...

...and turn the bus into a happy home.

I might be getting carried away with the interior ideas...

Maybe this is more realistic?

Oooh happy!

The bus would totes need a Flossy and Jim mural on the ceiling...obvs!

We can't wait! We will keep you updated!

Right on!