2 August 2015

The Most Amazing Festival - TEDFEST!

Hello and good day to you! This post is all about the time we went to 'Tedfest!'

We recently made a new friend called 'Ted'. We met him at the Outset business course, as he was one of the trainers. One of the first things we talked about was cake (obvs), then Ted stood on his head. 

Ted is one of the people you get a instant rapport with - a genuine, kind person with a good soul. One of those rare gem people. 

Ted, being lovely, invited us along to his first ever festival 'The Cult of Super Ted Fest' (or TedFest.) After a very long drive (we are rubbish at directions and got stupidly lost), our Ted-Radar kicked in and we found Ted and his field.

Us in the mini, driving along one of the many wrong roads.

Still lost...

Hooray! We found Tedfest! We were given these cool festival wrist bands on arrival! We felt so hip. Yo.

This is the lovely Ted! He was so welcoming and showed us around his festival. Nice scarf Ted!

Pod life camping were there, so that people could stay overnight in a 'pod!' AMAZING!!!

This is Diane, she runs 'Podlife'....we really want to stay in a pod now!!!

One of the pods. Ha! www.podlife-glamping.co.uk
Inside the music tent

There were lots of stalls to buy stuff! We bought some clothes from Jo Joe's retro shop and some lovely stuff from Teds sister 'Rose Red'

Amazing mobile bar! www.intoxicatingtearooms.co.uk

Jo Joe's vintage clothing! Amazing!!! Could have bought everything!!! https://www.facebook.com/jojoesretro.co.uk?fref=ts

Ooooh.....beautiful shiny shoe-shoes!

Beautiful bespoke floral headbands from Rosey Posey! http://www.roseyposeycreations.co.uk/

Kai and Kaitlin spent most of the time on the tree swing!

Tarot reader!

Kaitlin getting in crazy festival mode!


We got to Tedfest quite early, and were a bit keen - haha! We only stayed for a couple of hours, as the kids had parties and stuff to go to, but we would have loved to stay longer - it looked like such a great event from all the photos! This was our first family festival, and apparently, we need to learn to stay for the music part....haha! Well done Ted on an amazing festival - TEDFEST 2016 is going to be AMAZEBALLS!