2 August 2015

Swamp Dog and Ice-Creams

So, after spending the last 14 days glued to a computer doing illustrations, we really REALLY needed to go outside and be normal. We got the snoop doggy dawg and decided to go to Cockington for some time out. 

This is our 'in the car selfie #1'. Excuse my pale, baggy eye, no make up face...(the last few days have been rather tough.)

 'In the car selfie #2'

 'In the car selfie #3' Apologies for all the selfies, Olives face was just too funny.

We picked up Jim's lovely mummabear on the way. Here she is admiring a sign. BTW - I designed
that Cockington Court logo. (Just incase I have not mentioned this before.) *Smug face*

Beautiful Cockington!

Cockington House! Ten points if you can spot a 'rare lesser spotted Jim' in this photo. One billion points if you can spot a 'rare lesser spotted Sylvia'. (Clue, she was inside the house buying ice-cream)

Sylvia got us all a ice-cream! BOOM! It was mucho yum.

Ice-cream Ninjas

I had a blackcurrant ice-cream, which I would highly recommend, and would give 9.5 stars on the Flossy Ice Cream Richter Scale. 

Olive had a bit of all the ice-creams obvs.

It's almost like an episode of 'The Bill'.

Tree tunnel-tastic!

Olive decided to go rock climbing.

We agreed this tree looked like a wooly mammoth. What do you think?

Mine and Jim's house. Well, it would be if we won the lottery.

Olive thought she would 'jump' on some grass, not realising it was a 'swampy / pond'. Urgh! She smelt like pond gam for the rest of the day. Boik.

Gigantic jurassic leaves that are not rhubarb.

Trying not to gag at the smell of swamp dog.

What a stinker.

Cockington Craft Barns.

Back to the car and home! What a lovely day!

When we got home, Jim shaved his beard completely off. *Shock*

The End. Xx