31 August 2015

Me and Mine - August!

I'm not going to say this month has gone quickly because I say it every single bloomin' month....(just know that it has.)

August is officially my favourite month of the year. The sole reason I went self employed was to have August all to myself and the kiddos. I love the Summer and spending time with them having fun. We pay for it in September when we have the biggest pile of work ever, but with a few jammy dodgers and cups of coffee we will cope with that! ;) 

As always, I could not find one single photo of all of us together. #standard

So, here are some of my fave photos of us all in August instead. (May have to purchase a 'selfie stick' to make sure we have a photo of us all for September!)

Scooting about to avoid the crazy holiday traffic jams!

Olive got a new cartoon

Olive in real life

Our caravan holiday!

Kaitlin the wolf

Kai won a rubiks cube at the fair

Kiddos at the fair looking like they should be on a record cover.

Terrible car selfie!

So....that was a little part of our our August! What did you get up to this Summer Holidays? 

September is looking to be very exciting and busy, with the kids back to school, Kai starting secondary school (eep), Kaitlin will be in her last year of primary *sob!* and we have a brand new very exciting illustration job. We can't tell you what we are up to unfortunately, as we have had to sign another non-disclosure agreement, but we can say, we can't believe our luck. This is our dream job and we can't believe we are doing it! We can't wait to tell you!!!! (Hopefully around November!) By the end of this year we have so much to tell you! 

Anyway, enough of all that...*off to buy a selfie stick...* Xx