15 August 2015


Hola peeps! How are you? This week we went away on holiday! Whoop!

We asked the kiddos a while back, what would be their dream holiday? Chilling with a cocktail in Hawaii? Laying on the beach in the Bahamas? Maybe the magical Disneyland? 

The answer: 'Staying in a caravaaaaan!!!!'  *Did I mention I love my children?!*  ;)

So, off we went to stay in a caravan! We didn't stray far from home and went half an hour down the road to stay at 'Parker's Farm' in Ashburton. (I used to go as a teenager and loved it!) 

Parkers Farm is literally a farm. No mod cons, no annoying red coats and no ponce. Just pigs, horses, alpacas and a field! Haha! Love it! There are play parks and trampolines to play on, and a lovely little restaurant called 'Miss Piggys'.

Olive was very excited about her first holiday.

We stayed in a static caravan at the top of the hill. Absolutely stunning views of Dartmoor!

Car selfie on the way t'farm.

We had lots of lovely days out with all the kiddos! This is Olive and Lily pretending to be monkeys.

My best friend Jason came with us on holiday which made the holiday extra spesh!

Unfortunately, but predictably for England it rained. So Jason made us an emergency rainy day cream tea. I knew he was my best friend for a reason! ;)

On the sunny days, we taught the kids to make fire!

It was so nice to sit around the fire with marshmallows and stargaze. There was no light pollution and we could see soooo many stars! We also caught the meteor shower which was spectacular! We even saw the milky way and a space station. The kids were very excited to see a 'spaceship!'

We had lots of nice days out despite the rain and weather warnings! Olive even had her first holiday romance. A lovely nine year old westie called Harley. I think she was a bit sad to leave him, but all good things have to come to an end Olive. I wonder where we will go next year? Flossy and Jim (totes relaxed) over and out. Xx