22 August 2015

Brixham Boat Race and Rotten Egg Beans

Today we watched our first ever rowing boat race! 

Our friend Rachel started rowing last year, and this was her first ever race, so obviously we just had to be there to cheer her and the team on.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and the sea was calm, but this not did not help Rachel's nerves as she nervously kept chatting about how far it was, would she actually die from not being able to breathe, was she even going to get in the right boat?!?

One of the competitor boats.

Rachel all ready to row!

Massive scary looking oars.

Team Brixham - whoop!

Here they go!

I think this means they are ready when they do this. Either that or it was some sort of lucky prayer.

Off they go!

We watched the whole race through our binoculars and it was so close! It was very exciting and it was hard not to scream. In the end they came 5th! Amazing! (The race was five boats, but who is counting....they did AMAZING!) The whole beach was screaming 'COME ON BRIXHAAAAAAM!' It was FAB!

After we left a wobbly Rachel to calm down, we decided to have a BBQ and go rock-pooling!

We had fun looking at rock-pools, finding shrimp, and jumping around. The BBQ was going so well, the sausages were cooking nicely, and then we had a thunderstorm, and got DRENCHED!!! We panic packed everything away....everything was soggy.

We turned around to find the kids doing an impression of the Titanic scene. Haha!

We went home soaking wet, and got in our pjs. We then had our BBQ around the kitchen table on the teppanyaki grill instead. We then played 'Beanboozled', where you have to eat a jellybean, and it will either be yummy or disgusting. Kaitlin had a vomit flavoured bean, along with a bogey and black pepper. Jim got vomit and rotten egg. At this point, myself and Kai bailed.

How did you spend your Saturday? Did you get caught in the storms? A very soggy Flossy, Jim and Gang... over and out. *drip, drip* Xxxxx