19 August 2015

A furry adventure!

Woof! It's Olive (Flossy and Jim's puppy) here! The human's are on their hols at the moment so I said I would take over the blog. 

Yesterday, it was a lovely sunny day and we decided to go for a really really reeeeeally long walk. Would you like to see what I got up to? Well, come on then!

Here is a photo of my feet. The humans always do this on their blog....I don't know why.

See.....they can't help themselves...

The first thing I saw on my walk was a 'how now brown dog'

The back streets of Brixham. It was so sunny, I thought I was in Italy!

We soon came across our first cove! I love it here!

We walked up a lot of hills.

I thought I would pose in front of some paddle-boarders. I might have to try this one day!  
Wow! Another beautiful cove!

Selfie time. God...these humans.

Stopped at a beach to play fetch...with rocks...in my face. I'm my own worst enemy. I can't get enough.

We eventually walked all the way to Goodrington in Paignton. We stopped at my nanny Sylvia's house. I ate a carrot then fell asleep. I had a dream about being Queen of Cat Kingdom, and I had an unlimited supply of hotdogs.

On the way home, we saw the steam train.

I sniffed a lot of dog's butts.

Saw these amazing hot poker flowers!

Found another beach...

...and a crab!

After just over ten miles, I finally got tired, and fell asleep on the pavement. The humans carried me home. 

Today, I walked to Tesco, so the humans could buy cheese. That was not as fun.