31 July 2015

Me and Mine - "Blue Moon brings out the Crazies!"

Oh my Lordie. I completely didn't realise it was the end of July, and time for the 'Me and Mine' project already! How stupidly fast are the months flying past - it's a joke...an actual joke. 

Anyway... I meant to leave it until the last minute, as I had pre-planned to do a post about the 'Blue Moon!' *Cough, cough*

The kids were really stupidly excited about seeing the blue moon, even though we explained it wasn't actually blue, just a bit rare. Their imaginations went a bit bonkers, and they thought this moon must summon up zombies, flesh eating bats and quite possibly whales that spurt rainbows out of their blow holes. 

We did stumble across a giant bug, which was exciting but at the same time, not quite as shocking as a 'foaming at the mouth were-wolf.'