12 July 2015

Lions, sweat patches and a celebration!


Life has been ker-a-zeeeee lately! Work has been very busy, as we are gearing up for the summer holidays. The kiddos are about to leave school (literally), and Kai is getting ready to head up to secondary school! *Gulp!* 

The kids put on a FANTASTIC leaving show, 'The Lion King'. I know I'm their mum and going to say 'it was amazing, blah, blah, blah...', but Holy Moly! It really was! The show started with the whole cast appearing one by one, whilst singing 'The Circle of Life', complete with giant handmade elephants and giraffes walking through the audience, and birds flying through the air. As soon as they all started singing I got goosebumps, and started getting all emosh. It was incredible and so much hard work had gone into it. Well done Furzeham School! 

'The Lion King', Furzeham styleeeee!

Kaitlin was a 'flock of birds' complete with feathery dress and birds on sticks...she was a beautiful dancer. Nice one Kaitlin!

Kai had one of the main parts as 'Ed' the crazy hyena, and made everyone laugh! Well done Kai!

The kiddos grandparents came down from Swindon, especially to see the show and we decided to celebrate the occasion with a BBQ overlooking the sea. Jim was in charge of the fire (of course), and I prepared 'Tapas' - of sweets. (You know, to take the pressure of Jim and all his cooking...) ;)

Olive especially loved the BBQ and playing fetch. How can a dog with such small legs run around so much!? She'll have no legs left soon!


This week we have also been getting to grips with our new bikes. We set ourselves a challenge to ride to work everyday instead of using the car, and we did it! Whoop! We are now trying to cycle in most days. Some people have spotted us on the way, and have shouted out words of 'encouragement' - (You know who you are!) Last week I noticed I had a sweat patch on my back...I have always wanted one of them, and now I feel like an official annoying sporty person. (I even showed it to the pasty man at Pasty Presto when I went in after to buy a cake.)

We both bought our bikes second-hand for £20 each. I sprayed mine yellow (well, got Jim to spray it), and we have pimped them up with new tyres, and other stuff we already had. I also got lots of nice 'Flossy and Jim' stickers and decorated it so I have something nice to look at when another fly hits me in the face.

Oh yeah...we also spotted this rabbit.

What have you guys been up to lately?! Xx