22 July 2015

I think my heart just exploded all over the place.

Today is my little boys last day of primary school and I couldn't be more proud of him if I tried. He has been through so much, and so many challenges and I'm extremely proud of the young man he has become. 

Today marks the end of one chapter and the start of a new bigger one for all of us. We are celebrating tonight with KFC and sweets. (Kai's very wise choice.) 

They say when you have a baby, 'oh, make sure you appreciate him when he is young, he will grow up so fast.' I used to think this was something that annoying older people said to pass the time, but I can't believe how scarily fast the time has actually gone.

Eight years ago, I was peeling Kai off the school gates to try and get him in the building. He screamed the place down and didn't want me to leave him. I was in the school car park bawling my eyes out, willing time to hurry up so I could run back in and get him.

Now he is nearly as tall as me, and is heading on up to the big school, complete with very grown up 'man blazer', and money to buy himself muffins from the very cool big school vending machines, with not a care in the world. How times change.

It's so weird and such an honour to watch my little / big person develop from a hairy little monkey baby to a young man before my eyes. 

First day of school

My view when he was little. Soon, the photo will be me looking up at him! ;)

Last day of school!

I never realised how much I could love another human before I had children. I sometimes feel that my heart may explode from all the love I have for them. Sometimes, I tell them that before bed... that my heart may actually explode out of my chest and burst all over the walls. (They love a bit of gruesome.) Have your children finished school now? Did it mark the end of a chapter for you? Soppy / Smug Muvva post over and out. Xx