26 July 2015

A saucy accident!

Apologies in advance for all the pictures in this post, but we have a lot to talk about this week! 

First off, we were very proud and honoured to be asked to sponsor the 'Torbay Hour Social Media Awards!' We are designing the awards for the night and are very excited! Even more of a shock, was to find out WE had been nominated for an award! We have been nominated for 'BEST BLOG!' Yay! Thank you so much to everyone who nominated us, we are so happy that people are reading our blog and we are not just talking to ourselves! 

If you have been nominated for a award, pop along to our facebook page, and collect your awards badge! If you need the HTML code, just give us a shout. 

Tomorrow night (Monday 27th), we are on t'wireless! We are on the radio from 8-9pm to discuss what we have been up to lately! You can listen in by pressing this link: http://www.themusicmill.co.uk/ You can also join in on the twitter hour by using the hashtag: #TorbayHour - we would love to hear from you about what you have been up to!

This week we gave our website a makeover! Have a look! www.flossyandjim.com We have lots of new products and our most recent portfolio so you can see what we have been drawing. To make way for all of our new products, we are having a half price sale on all our baby products. The sale is at our design studio in Dartmouth, but shout if there is anything you need and we can send it to you, if you can't get to us.

Was £15.00, now just £7.50!

New products! 'You are swell' hardback journal - £14.99

This week, we also had a interview for Coast magazine. We started the interview in our Dartmouth studio, and then took the journalist across the river on the lower ferry and to our fishermans cottage in Brixham! We discussed many things about where we work and live and we can't wait for the article to come out so you can read it!

One of the best parts of the week, was receiving some 'crappy happy post' from my brother in Ireland. He sent us rainbow drops, a lego horse head, a tiny fiat 500, a Hawaiian minion and some 'You Are Beautiful' stickers which we have dutifully sticker-bombed! We will have to find some 'crap' to send him back soon! (That is an official 'crappy happy post' warning bro!) ;)

Jim's mum returned from the USA after visiting Jim's brother Andy and his family. She had a great time and came back with American sweets and 'grow your own robots!' We have grown this robot from the size of a broad bean to this beast! Rargh! 

In other news Kaitlin had an accident with some tomato sauce... (not pictured the sauce covered floor, ceiling and side.) ;)

Olive was shocked to see such a mess...

At the weekend we went to 'The Super Cult of Ted Fest!' Our lovely friend Ted held a festival in his field and it was amazing! We will be doing another blog post about this soon! This is Super Ted!

....and finally, we were also nominated for a Venus Award! The applications are being judged this week, so we should hopefully find out if we got through! *Fingers crossed!*

So that was our week! We also did some food shopping, de-frosted the freezer and drank about x87 cups of tea. What did you get up to? Xx