24 June 2015

The day we bunked off work!

We have been soooo busy at work lately, and the sun has been shining so hard, we felt we deserved a day off. (There has to be some perks to being your own boss!)

We decided to have a day exploring lovely Cornwall, which is only about an hours drive away, but feels like you have really escaped and gone on a massive holiday!

After breakfast and messing about with the dog...off we went!

Show us yer teef!

Our first stop was to Looe, where we saw this amazing boat!

Then we found the beautiful town of Mevagissey!

Chilling at the beach

Jim looking less hairy at the beach! 'Summer Jim!'

We decided to have a BBQ on the beach, and were closely supervised by this cat!

The Beach BBQ

The BBQ didn't want to work, as the wood was a bit damp, so we had to have chips instead. (Hard life!)

Such a beautiful town!


We took all of our BBQ bacon home and had bacon rolls with the kids on the teppanyaki grill! We are due to have another BBQ soon as it's Olives first birthday. What better way to celebrate your dogs birthday, than with SAUSAGES! (After not eating meat for a month, I think we are now making up for it slightly.) #meatsweats

Tomorrow we hope you will join us in our 'walk to work' post. We have found a new way to get to work which is pretty amazeballs! See you then lovely peeps! Xx