14 June 2015


The other night we watched a television programme about people who 'test' new products. On the programme they had a teppanyaki grill, and it looked fantastic - so much so, we got onto amazon and bought one! (Call us gulliable...) ;)

The kids want to learn how to cook, and although they are very good at most things (crumpets, toast, beans etc...), I'm still a bit scared to let them 'free' on the oven. We thought this would be a perfect way to encourage their cooking ambitions and to build their confidence, all while we can keep a watch on them. 

On the programme, they cooked a fry up on the grill, a chinese and some other yummy meals. We are currently following a very fish and veg style diet, so we went with some lovely salmon and vegetables for our grill!

Kids in charge!

Kai making 'chips'

Jim turning the salmon to perfection!

Kaitlin making her chips and 'hot carrots'

Olive was supervising and thought everyone did a fabulous job!

We got some new plates from the Tigerlily Quinn shop - teatime is so fun! http://www.tigerlillyquinn.bigcartel.com/products

The grill heat was controlled by a dial on the side, and it got to top heat in about ten seconds!

After our salmon, we thought it would be nice to have some bananas for pudding!

Kai made his banana pudding with rice crispies, chocolate sauce and nobbly bobblies.

Kaitlin had the same but with maple syrup. 

Jim loved his banana so much, he had three with maple syrup. I had mine with cinnamon! Who knew a hot banana could taste so nice?!

All in all, we are very happy with our new teatime grill. Olive gives it 10 / 10. The kids are already planning the next meal!

Flossy and Jim (and the gang) all highly recommend this grill! Let us know if you have one! What do you cook on yours? Xx