4 June 2015

Fancy a stroll with us?


Put on your shoe shoes (thats what my mum calls them), and lets go! 

Every morning we park our little mini at the very top of the hill in Dartmouth, and then walk to work. Drawing unicorns and cats all day means sitting on your bum for long periods of time. So, we have to do this walk to stop us turning into Jabba the Hutt lookalikes. 

Come along and see what we see every morning! Here we go....

Off for a walk!

Rummaging through the undergrowth...

Off we go! (Blurred action shot)

Top of the hill

A bee!

Walking down the hill...it's very very very steep. I nearly fell off my sandals.

Half way down!

Random sticker on a lamp-post! Who is this?! If this is you....please let us know.

Flowers in a wall hole. I love looking in wall holes...I hope one day I will find a family of creatures living in one, with a little tv on and a mini chandelier.

Snail on a mission.

Bottom of the hill...at the market...

errr....some seats.....


The market is opening up....we love a good market, and this one in Dartmouth is fab!

We wish we could make this into a house....

You can buy a live lobster!
 (This reminds me of my pet lobster I once had....I'll leave that story for another time)
Now you know.

No wonder we are always happy at work, with signs like this on the way!

We have reached our destination...this entrance sign gave it away!

This is all rather lovely, but at the end of the day we have to walk back up this hill. This is not a pretty sight, and I am not taking photos of that. 

Have a good day you lovely person, reading this... *mwah* kisses. xxxxxxxx