25 June 2015

Fancy a look (and a sniff) about our gaff?


We have had some fabulous news, and we are going to be featured in 'Coast' magazine soon! They want to do an article about us and where we live, how we get to work, and enjoy the 'coast' I guess....we will let you know what happens and when it's out!

Anyhoo....in the meantime, we thought we would give you a sneak peek of inside our house....excuse the dust and smell of shake and vac...(we like doing the shake and vac dance.)

Welcome to the bookshelf in the lounge....what do these creatures mean?! Could they be a clue for some new and exciting project...hmm.....you will have to stay tuned! 

'Lucky Yellow Robot' resides in the lounge....he has been with us for a long time and is getting a bit rusty...and dusty.

Oooohhhhhmmmmm! Pink buddha also lives in the lounge and gives us good vibes. He also makes a handy phone holder.

The dining room...complete with our green leg lampshade we made! The unit was free...someone was throwing it out, so we upcycled it and made it all funky with some sticky back plastic. Eat your heart out Blue Peter! The budgies 'Pearl and Dean' live behind the curtain and have easy access to their palatial aviary outside. You will always hear them cheeping in the dining room.

The kitchen! The brick wall is a bit damp and there is a lump of green mouldy fungus in the corner that won't come off. We stuck googly eyes on it, and made it into a little pet.

Our pantry type thing....(aka place for all sorts of crap)

We are very posh, so much so, we even have a deers head hanging off the wall....what what.

You have now entered the bathroom. This girl will watch you do a wee.

Bathroom candles, flamingo and Jim's stick on toothbrush. (He only likes soft bristles...)

Our bedroom! We don't have real beds, but two king size mattresses on the floor to make a SUPER-BED! Soooo comfortable! I will never go back to a real bed again! (I would probably be too scared of the height.)

The view from our bedroom....Brixham harbour and some sunny fog stuff? If you sniff, you can smell fish and chips, fudge and a slight pong of fish from the fish market.

Our bedroom roof with bing bongy wind chime...

Back downstairs to the hallway, where you will be greeted by 'Buzz Lightyear' our resident bumblebee and general good guy. We rescued him from a music shop in Totnes. He is a keen trumpet player.

So there you have it....our gaff. I very much doubt our 'Coast' article will be anything like this, so we thought we would give you the 'raw' and honest account here first! 

Hope you are all ok out there wherever you may be....what's going on in your world today? Any gossip? We are well nosey and would love to know! 

Chat soon lovely peeps - this is Flossy and Jim over and outing (for now). Chat soon! *Mwah!* Xx