25 June 2015

Come for a walk with us! (Contains graphic images and cake)

Hello! Regular viewers of our blog will know that we often like to drag you along for a walk with us! Today we are taking you on our alternative walk to work! This is the walk we do when: A) It's nice and sunny B) We need more exercise C) We fancy a cake at the bottom of the hill. This is our walk from Kingswear to Dartmouth! Are you ready? WELL COME ON THEN!!! 

The best view EVEEEEER!

View of Dartmouth from Kingswear

We have to climb down almost 200 steps (we counted) and some very steep hills to get to the bottom! Good on the way down, horrific on the way back up. Note: there are no photos of us doing this...for good reason.

Weirdly, on our walk today we found a decapitated magpie?!

We don't know what this was all about....maybe it's good luck. (Not for the bird though)

We obviously had to have a birkenstock / hill shot (one of the many hills)....we are beginning to feel this post has become scarily geeky....not in a good way.

Oh look! A rare spotted Jim!

We found a little cove by accident today.

Hooray! The lower ferry was waiting for us!

Mark was driving the boat today! Hello Mark!

The ferry is like a massive raft which is pulled along by a tug boat.  It's a unique and quirky way to get to work!

Bobbing along very fast.... ;)

We obvs needed coffee and cake at the bottom of the hill. (We totes needed the calories for walking back later....*Cough*)

Nom. Portuguese tarts. Our current fave cake.

Although we don't want to be 'cake-ist', all the cakes looked amaze!

Jim waiting for his flat white coffee....while daydreaming of being near a castle....

Ahhhh....breakfast of champions! (We sit behind a cafe to eat it so seagulls don't mug us)


Thanks for coming on this walk with us! It has been a pleasure walking virtually with you. Hope you are not tired. Love F & J Xx