11 June 2015

All aboard! It's Jims Birthday!

Today is Jims birthday! After a nice relaxing morning, we took a little stroll into the harbour, and we were surprised with a very lovely trip around the Golden Hind in Brixham harbour! Neil (the ship owner / Captain of the Golden Hind) kindly took us on board and showed us around. He even let Jim raise the 'Birthday Flag!' It was really great fun, and Neil let us in on some exciting plans for the future of the ship! If you are a local to Brixham, or here on holiday, you should check it out! It really is lots of fun, and we learnt a lot about the history of the ship too!

The Birthday Flag!

Amazing view from the top of the ship!

Birthday flag in all it's glory!

Should I pelt him with a birthday rotten tomato?

Views of the beautiful harbour

Birthday Jim taking the ship for a 'drive'...

Raising the flag!

Happy Birthday Jim!


After such a lovely treat, we went and had a lovely flat white at Beardy Dans, Coffee and Cake Company....and we were in for a shock. Beardy Dan has shaved his beard off! *Gasp!* We never knew he had dimples. Dan gave Jim a very big hug and now Jim thinks he may have cracked a rib. (Not actually joking) What a lovely day and what a lovely town we live in! Happy Birthday Jim! X

Birthday Flat White!

Beardy Dan with no beard, but dimples! Dimple Dan! (He looks sad because he misses his beard)