9 May 2015

Our Happy Top Ten!

1. Princess Charlotte was born! Yippee! I'm not a 'Royalist' as such, but I did get really excited when she was born...I'm not sure why. Maybe it had something to do with the fact I could buy a new biscuit tin from M&S. I do love a good biscuit tin. Nobody in our house understood my excitement about the new baby, until I opened the biscuits...then they all seemed excited about it too.  

2. We ran some cool competitions and giveaways at F & J! We do love a good competition, and the winner of our 'Mystical Creature' competition won a Phoenix drawing!

3. We have been working with a few charities lately, and one of these charities is called 'Circus Starr'. They are a 'circus with a purpose', and offer the chance for disabled and vulnerable children to go to the circus! The fact we could do this, made us feel very happy.

4. Ooooh! We got new phones (for work of course), and found out a way to personalise our own phone covers. This was very exciting, and now we can offer this as an optional extra for £10, as part of our 'Family Portrait Package!' "Ring! Ring!"

5. WE WERE IN THE BLOOMIN' NEWSPAPER!!! I swear this has been a dream of mine since about the age of five, to be featured in a Sunday supplement. (I'm not sure why.) Well, my dream came true, and I purchased a grand total of about x25 magazines. Ha! I might build myself a small den out of them, and it can be my own personal 'happy place.' 

6. We became officially 'international!' - we were asked by 'The Coffee Can' in Australia to do their logo and branding, and now our cartoons are on the side of a coffee truck delivering coffee 'down under' - STREWTH MATE!

7. After several attempts...we finally managed to find a lego unicorn in those pesky 'mystery' lego packs. You can imagine my delight, when I finally got one. I'm sure all the dogs and dolphins in the land tuned into my squealing. 

8. We got a new heater at Flossy and Jim HQ! The office is freeeeeezing. Even when it's sunny and warm outside, our office is so cold. We got this new heater from ebay and it is lovely. I can unclench now when I'm drawing. Olive loves laying flat out in front of it. Although, I don't think sniffing it was a good idea...was it Olive?

9. Work has been soooo busy, but so much fun. We have had commissions to draw a evil hamster, a new seaside range, a geek, some more logo's, phonics, fairytale characters for schools, and of course we are still working hard on 'Project X Phase 2.' We are bursting inside to tell you what Project X is all about, and as soon as we can tell you, you will be the first to know! I think we have drank about 62 cups of tea each this week, and popped about 8 layers of bubble wrap. (Tuesday was quite stressful.) ;)

10. We linked up with the lovely people at: 'iphonewallpaper', to launch iphone and ipad wallpapers! All free to download from: http://www.iphonewallpaper.co/# Go check it out, and help yourself to a free happy wallpaper! New wallpapers are added all the time, so keep coming back for more!

*Bonus happy* - We became a private limited company! Flossy and Jim is now....'FLOSSY AND JIM LTD' - WAH! Our business is going from strength to strength, and we are expanding faster than we can eat biscuits (those of you that know us, know how fast this is.) It all seems quite overwhelming and unbelievable right now....we are Directors. I thought if you were a Director, you had to wear a boring suit and drive a Audi....apparently not. I'm a Director that wears monkey boots and draws evil hamsters. Say whaaaaat!??! Haha! Never give up on your daydream peeps....absurd things can happen!!! 

So....thats our happy list right now! What is your happy list? We would LOVE LOVE LOVE to know what is going on with you guys right now! Comment below and give us the low down! SHARE THE HAPPY! Have a fab weekend guys - chat soon! Flossy and Jim - Over and Out. Roger that. Xx