31 May 2015

Me and Mine - The month of May(onnaise)

...well not really Mayonnaise, but I felt compelled to type that.

The sunshine weather and brighter evenings have perked us up no end and given us a renewed energy and vibe for life!

We have been working hard as usual, but have been making more time for friends, sunshine walks, BBQs on the beach and kiddo fun! We also had 'Brixfest' the annual highlight for Brixham, where there is a festival with air displays, live music, food shows, children's fun and fireworks! This years festival was by far the best yet, and we had so much fun. Well done to Harry Bower, all the Brixfest committee and volunteers, for putting on such a fab festival! We would love to get more involved next year, especially for the children's day - we have a few ideas up our sleeves! We will be in touch!

Aside from all this loveliness, if we're honest, we had a blip in mid May, where we became quite overwhelmed with work. Don't get us wrong, we are ecstatic that things are going so well, but we needed to take a step back and re-evaluate a lot of things. Since winning our award, we have had loads of attention (which is lovely!) and the business has gone from a sole trader account to a limited company, in a short amount of time. We have people meeting with us to try and get us to expand our business, employ lots of people and make loads of wonga...which all sounds great in theory, but we are stepping back to question what are our priorities? What's important to us...and our customers. We don't want to lose sight of why we went into business in the first place, which was to be able to spend time with family and do something we love. I guess if we can do that and make lots of money that would be a bonus, but it's how we do that, and discipline ourselves to regular hours and turning off the computers at night. I think we just need to focus ourselves and write ourselves some ground rules! Running a business turns out to be quite a serious deal....and a steep learning curve. It's not all drawing unicorns and eating sweets apparently... ;)

On the bright side, we have finally arranged our first official 'date', (after three years together) and are going to a concert to see 'Catfish and the Bottlemen!' We are going with our lovely friend Ann, who is a radio DJ, and has a Saturday morning show called 'The Alternative with Miss P' (11am - 1pm: www.riviera.fm) Tune in! Her show is fab and she is an all round amazing ladeeeee.We literally cannot wait to hang out with her and be all indie - grunge - tastic. 

The sunny weather called for sandals. I kept my tights on though...didn't want to scare the sun away with my white / blue / hairy beast legs.

I couldn't find a photo of us all together for the 'me and mine' project, so we just took this on the sofa. This is how we sit most evenings. Olive was not happy in this photo as there was a dog on the tv.

Sunny days make us feel like doing grass angels, and sticking flowers in our hair, and also destroying daisies, and ripping leaves and pulling grass out of the ground....why does being destructive feel so nice?!

Jim with his beard garden. A bit like a beer garden, but with no beer, and more hair.

"Mummy, give me your ice-cream or I WILL poo on your bed." (I imagined she was thinking this, and gave her some to be on the safe side.) Olive is well known to hold a grudge.

As usual Olive has been amazing! She has been loving this sunny weather, and has been for her first swim in the sea, and had some ice-cream too! Hope you have been enjoying the weather where you are! We would also be interested to hear from people in a similar situation to us regarding running your own businesses? What have you learnt along the way? Any top tips, greatly appreciated. Love F & J xx