12 April 2015

Re-jiggling and New Hair Doo's!

Hello! Hope you are having a great weekend, and had a great Easter too! 

Here at 'Flossy and Jim' we have been re-evaluating a few things. Not sure if it's because it's Spring, but everything felt like it needed a re-jiggle and sort out. 

We had a chat with our accountant, who advised us now is the time to streamline our business, so it was the perfect time for a clean up!

We have now put all of our merchandise into 'Society6' - USA, 'Things British' - London, and our very own online shop - www.flossyandjim.com 

We spent all weekend sorting this little lot out!

You won't find our products anywhere else now, only exclusive to these stores. Even our shop in Dartmouth has now been turned into a studio work space, and is no longer a shop! You are still more than welcome to pop in and say 'hello' though - it can be a lonely job you know...*get's violins out* 

This is going to give us much more time to concentrate on these big secret commissions, we can't talk to you about....(yet!) 

You may have noticed, that we have had a re-brand too, and we both have new hair-doo's! We are not changing our hair now for at least another five years...it's too much hard work!

After all this spring cleaning, we are feeling very much in need of a lie down and a cup of tea. Spring is hard work!