17 April 2015

Oooh! 'Flossy and Jim' in a Sunday Magazine you say?

Hey yoooou guys! How has your week been? 

Our week consisted of a re-brand...check out the new 'Flossy and Jim' HQ!

We also did a photo-shoot and an interview for Sunday Newspaper 'Western Morning News' and their magazine 'West'....it will be out next week...we can't wait to see it! Many thanks to Jennifer at 'Memory and Milestones' for the photos - we love them! You can check out their amazing photography service here: http://www.memoriesmilestones.co.uk/ 

We tried to do a sensible photo-shoot, but we just couldn't do it. Haha!

Also this week we signed off phase one of 'Project X!' Such a good feeling - we were so happy we celebrated by buying some second hand cool chairs for our dining room! 

In other news, our puppy 'Olive' had to have her anal gland squeezed at the vets, so...erm....it's not all glam here at 'Flossy and Jim's'....

Hope you all had a fab week! What did you get up to? Any gossip? Xx