3 April 2015

Holiday Bucket List

I have not really travelled very much, *get's violin out*... but in my head I have! I do plan to travel more in the future, and have day dreamed and read lots of travel books. It took me a while, but I have managed to filter all my daydreams into a 'top three travel bucket list destinations' (that was a mouthful), ready for my time to come!

1. Italy - I decided at about age ten, that if I could only go to one place in my whole life, it would be Italy. I'm not sure why or where my obsession started? Maybe it was my constant playing with the 'super mario brothers' game on the old black and white gameboy! 
I then read 'A room with a view' and this cemented the dream! All the romance, art and beautiful scenery - *phew!* When I was little I used to pretend I was Italian, and would shout random words like 'spaghetti' at my friends. This earned me the nickname 'Lynetti Spaghetti' - haha! Along with my love of art, pizza, romance and sunshine - this country is the winner in my head. If I ever do get to go there I think I would actually scream my head off and lay on the pavement, and never leave. 

2. USA - If I'm honest this country never really appealed to me. Then I met Jim, and he re-educated me! America is stunning! Jim has been all over the USA, and the photos I have seen of the National Parks have been quite overwhelming. I never realised how much natural beauty is in America. It's a really beautiful place! I then also found out about 'Graceland', where you can go and see where Elvis lived. My other idol is Dolly Parton, so I would have to go to Dollywood too. Plus I hear the pancakes there are reaaaaally nice. I would love to go there, and see the other side of America...and not just the sterotype we see on TV.

3. Lapland! It's where Father Christmas comes from!!! The thought of going to Lapland really excites my inner child. We NEVER get snow where we live, so to see snow, reindeers and husky dogs would excite me so much.
I once watched a documentary about the Northern Lights, with Joanna Lumley. She was searching for the Northern lights, and night after night didn't see anything. Then one night they just appeared like magic in the sky. I was so engrossed in the programme that when she started to cry, I found myself crying and laughing like some delirious mad woman! I get excited looking at the moon some nights, so I think my eyeballs might pop out if I actually got to see the northern lights. 

Where would your top three holiday destinations be? Even thinking about where to go is like a little holiday!

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