5 April 2015

Easter at Choccywoccydoodah!

HAPPY EASTER! We hope you are having a great time, relaxing and eating lots of choccie! We thought we would celebrate Easter in style this year, and there was only one way to do this....a pilgrimage to 'Choccywoccydoodah' in Brighton! 

If you don't know about the amazement that is 'Choccywoccydoodah' - it is a chocolaterie which has it's own tv documentary. The 'doodahs' make the most amazing and bespoke cakes moulded from chocolate, for custom orders and lots of celebrities.

After a six hour drive (!) we finally got to Brighton, and found the shop hidden down one of the Lanes. We would be lying if we were not a little bit starstruck. I actually considered licking the shop wall....(I didn't.)

The 'Doodahs'


It would have been rude not to buy anything...

So we bought a 350g slab of banoffee chocolate! NOM!

This 'Ganesh' cake was out of this world and all sparkly. This photo does not do it justice!


After finally leaving chocolate heaven, we took Olive for a walk down to Brighton Pier and to the fab beach. Olive is obsessed with rocks, so Brighton Beach was very exciting for her!

Olive made a new friend...

Sunbathing British stylee! (Fully clothed!)

Attempting a Brighton selfie...(badly)

Jim found some interesting rocks, some had crystals inside!

We took our 'crystals' home in our chocolate bag, along with a rock shaped like a bone for Olive.

Olive's first holiday photo...aged 9 months

We then took Olive for a nice long walk around the town and the gardens, ready for our six hour return trip... (Olive slept the whole way home on my lap.) We took the coastal road on the way home, and it was beautiful, all lit up by the red 'blood' moon. 

Beautiful Brighton

Road trip!

Good opportunity to do some drawing for work...currently working on an 'alien' commission! FUN!

When Olive wasn't on my lap!

Hope you all have a fab Easter! What have you been up to? Xx