13 March 2015

The Amazing Power of the 'Flat White!'

Morning y'all! (Said in a dodgy American accent - I don't know why.) 

Did you, or have you, ever watched, 'The Power Rangers?' If you haven't... I shall explain. The Power Rangers are a group of five kids, all who wear a different colour spandex costume. (Ooer!) When they put their rings on, and all come together, they become a 'superpower', and can fight all evil. For example, they may turn into a giant dinosaur with amazing powers.

Well, here at Flossy and Jim, we have a similar secret. Every morning, we pop to our local friendly cheeky barista, (who happens to look a bit like the genie out of Aladdin, but a little less blue...)

Dan (the bearded barista), makes THE most AMAZEBALLS 'flat white' coffee for us every morning, and we then become a similar version of the Power Rangers, and we all become a superforce (in our heads). Anyhow, we wake up a lot, and get lots more work done. So thanks Dan. 

Dan and his lovely fiancee Claire, and their little boy Rex. 

In return for giving us these super-powers we draw on his cups....and give away free prizes to his customers, if they receive a 'special cup'. Jim has also been known to sing a song to everyone in the coffee shop. The powers of caffeine hey?