11 March 2015

* The Most Magical Week! *

Hello again! How are things going in your world? Hope it is all going good, and the sun is shining wherever you may be. The sun has started to pop it's head out in Devon, which is putting us all in a very good mood indeed. 

Here is a round-up of what has made us cheerful this week...

We have had huge success with our 'mum portraits' for mothers day, and it has been really fun drawing lots of lovely mums! We hope all the mums like their portraits when they get them this Sunday! (This is not a picture of a mum, but of a unicorn...we couldn't post a mum because they might see!)

We were nominated for 'Best New Business', at the South Devon Excellence Awards! Wah! We have been invited to a glitzy night out and everything. We have practised our losing and our winning faces...

"Winning faces"

"Losing faces"

This little heart-breaker 'Ted' from the 'Dad Network' http://www.thedadnetwork.co.uk/ has been busy modelling our clothes! We think you will agree he looks sooooo cool!

We have had lots of lovely customers this week, including 'Pierre' the dog. His owner runs a dog clothing and accessory company and came to us for some brand and merchandising ideas. We just have to cartoonise Pierre - he is amazing.....potential boyfriend for Olive? Hmmm..... http://www.petshopbuoys.net/

We had a delivery from Swizzels Matlow....possibly something to do with our new subscription service...'Flossy and Jim' in a box?! More details to come! 

Actual 'Flossy & Jim' love hearts! *gasp!*

Quality control department. I can clarify this lolly was great. 

The BEST NEWS of the week, was that 'Pearl' our missing budgie was finally returned home!!! Can you actually believe it?!?! We really thought we would never see her again....but some lovely people rescued her and have been caring for her. She was found on Paignton Beach!!! Miss P from Riviera FM even dedicated a song to her on Saturday! Haha!

This man and his wife were the lovely people who have been caring for Pearl. Can everyone please take a second to send them good vibes and hugs....what amazing people! Jonathan is a professional singer and photographer. You can check out his amazing work here....http://www.getanact.com/artists/JonathanMark - http://www.jmjphotographyuk.com/

The kiddos were very happy to have Pearl back - Dean has now stopped squawking so they can finally watch TV in peace! ;)

So, how was your week? What things have made you happy? We would love to know! Xx