23 February 2015

I'm so excited about my new shoes I might wee!

True story. 

The most amazing shoe company EVER!
These boots are called 'Monkeyhawk' boots! Sock monkeys! On your feet!!!

Schtoopid Shark Boots!!!

I don't know what these shoes are called....but who actually cares. Cats on your feet!

'Pandarama' boots! Are you as excited as me!?!?

Ded leopard?!

'Girwaffle' boots! How happy?!


These boots are bio-degradeable, eco-concious, vegan, AND they donate money to charity. 

I obviously HAD to get some...can you guess which ones?! Will post a picture when they arrive! I can't remember the last time I got so excited about shoes!!! WAH!!! 

(* Disclaimer - If my parents are reading this, I didn't really just buy stupid shoes...and these companies do not 'see me coming'. These shoes are skill. Love you. Bye. X)