13 January 2015

Who is feeling like a right miserable sod?

Ugh. It's that time of the year again...that time of the year when everyone is apparently officially depressed and miserable. 
Not here at 'Flossy and Jim' though....oh no! We have come up with a handy few tips to cheer you all up, and keep you all smiling! It works for us anyway!
1. Have a warm drink, hot drinks promote a sense of well being!

2. Cuddle with an animal...you can kiss Olive if you like. Just zoom in on your computer, and put your nose up to her nose. Technology is amazing!!! (5 points to you if you actually just did that.)

3. Look at positive quotes on pinterest. Failing that...look at a new haircut or something.

4. Watch a happy movie or your favourite tv show! 

5. Get creative - paint, write, cook....if you bake a cake, feel free to post us some. ;)

6. Take a hot shower or bath. Olive swears by a good relaxing bath with candles and some calming music.

7. Play happy music - it triggers the release of dopamine. (Very scientific)

8. Listen to nature... or listen to it on youtube (if you are not actually near a waterfall or a tropical beach.)

9. Make yourself laugh! If you fake-laugh long enough, you’ll soon be laughing for real, producing endorphins and an all-around high. If that feels too ridiculous, find a funny Youtube video. 

10. Clean your apartment / house / bungalow / bedroom / dog bed... Tidy house = tidy mind = happy brain. 

11. Work out...just five minutes of exercise triggers the release of endorphins, a hormone which can boost your mood for up to 12 hours! Unless you pull a muscle....then you will probably be well cheesed off.

12. Smile! It will lift your mood!