28 January 2015

"The place I call home"

As you may or may not know, we live in a town called Brixham, and we absolutely adore it! Brixham is the place we call home. Brixham is a small fishing town in Torbay, South Devon, and is a working fishing harbour. 

Us in Brixham Harbour!

"Brixham still has the pumping heart and community of a bona fide fishing town, with 

pretty, brightly painted cottages jostling round a steep-side harbour, with views out to 

Torbay that'd give the Bay of Naples a run for its money." The Guardian

Kaitlin and Olive outside the fish market

I moved to Brixham with my children about eight years ago. I decided to start afresh and build a new life with my children while they were young enough. I strongly believe it is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I live and breathe Brixham now...it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

The place we call home...our house is blue!

From the moment we wake up in the morning, we can hear fishing trawlers coming back from sea and the seagulls shouting. The church bells quietly chime out every fifteen minutes, as we look out of our window to a view of the bobbing boats in the harbour and lines of colourful fishermen's cottages.

Brixham harbour and the fish market

When we moved to Brixham, we came alone and we didn't know anyone. We didn't have any friends or family here...to be honest it was a difficult and lonely time. Fast forward to now, and we feel completely settled. We have friends and you can't walk down to the town for a 'quick shop', as you end up chatting to everyone...and I literally mean everyone! I also met my partner down here....you may have heard of him? He is called Jim! ;) The town is wonderful, but so are the people...the people I have met are so passionate about the town we live in and are all busy organising events for the town. Every year the town is packed with festivals: Fishstock, Brixfest, the Pirate Festival, the Festival of the Sea and lots of free live music all year round. There is also a wonderful group of people called 'Pride of Brixham' who go around ensuring our town has beautiful flowers, displays and everything is painted beautifully. Also, there is also a yearly crabbing competition! Brixham is a brilliant place to catch crabs...(we even designed a t.shirt for a local business for it!)

'Flossy and Jim' t.shirt design

Kayaking around the harbour

Our local beach is about a ten minute walk away...there is a local seal who pops up, and an amazing cafe on the beach too!

There are many places to go and stop for a coffee in Brixham...sometimes it is hard to choose as all the cafe owners have become friends. I think they are all amazing, but personally we have a 'top three'....which are 'Brixham Coffee and Cake Company', run by (Beardy) Dan and the lovely Claire - they provide a mean 'Bearduccino' and Dan is the King of banter! There is also 'Millie and Me', run by the social hub of Brixham -Sophie. She is also a columnist for the Herald Express, so all the gossip in this cafe...may not stay in this cafe! ;) There is also the 'Bay Coffee Company' which is run by 'Coffee John' - who we always run to for any sort of advice. He is the wise owl of Brixham. I literally cannot choose one coffee shop - it's too difficult....Brixham is the capital of Coffee Houses!
Beardy Dan and his lovely family outside their coffee shop!

The Amazing "Bearduccino!"

Sophie at 'Millie and Me!'

Sophie's column in the Herald Express

Us inside Sophie's cafe...the place to come for a good catch up and social media meetings / book clubs / crochet clubs....!

Our local community has also been extremely supportive towards us and our business. Our local ice-cream parlour commissioned us to paint their shop wall in the harbour. I must admit, I initially turned the job down as I was so scared to paint on a wall in such a predominant part of the harbour...I had literally only just graduated from university two months before he asked me! With some encouragement and a bit of a boot up the bum from the ice-cream owner, we did the mural, and I'm so glad we did! 

The mural in the harbour!

Happy faces!

A sit on the beach with some sharpies = more happy faces!

Brixham is also home to the RNLI and a lifeboat!

Beautiful Brixham

I think overall, the thing I love most about living in Brixham is how safe and happy it makes me feel. I was literally the only person aged under eighty on my street for a while....and I do sometimes find myself shouting 'coo-weee!' to the neighbours, but if that is the price I have to pay to live here, then so be it!

This blog post has been inspired by a project run by +Wild and Grizzly and +Tigerlilly Quinn called #styleinyourcity...and the first theme is "The place I call home'

You can join in if you like! Don't worry you don't have to have a blog to join in or live in a bustling city for that matter, simply use the hashtag #styleinyourcity on twitter and/or IG with a photo and tag @wildandgrizzly and @tigerlillyquinn  Simples!