27 January 2015

Flossy's Birthday!

So...last week was my birthday! My family came over from Derby and Dublin to help me celebrate, which was totally unexpected and lovely! It made my birthday a very special time!


Olive was very happy to see everyone! Show us yer teeth Olive! 

My brother and his girlfriend on their road trip from Derby to Devon!

On the morning of my birthday I woke up to this amazement! It was incredible! There were so many balloons, and a massive birthday brekkie which included 'party ring' biscuits which were floating from the ceiling, and a box of 'lucky charms', which you are only allowed on very special occasions, or you may die of diabetes.

Coffee and Walnut Birthday Cake! I made a wish...but I can't tell you what it is, or it won't come true. If it does come true, I'll let you know. 

We spent some time in the local pub catching up!

It was the first time my family had seen our shop, and they all insisted on buying something! It felt weird my mum buying something off me for real, after many years of making her buy pretend things from my pretend shop when I was a little person.

My brother and his girlfriend looking out to sea... 

Woohoo! What a lovely time!