29 December 2014

Christmas Dinner in a Bag...

Hello! How was your Christmas?! Hope it was ace!

Every Christmas we have the usual Christmas dinner, twiglets and quality street....we also have a very special traditional meal. My mum started the tradition, and I have carried it on. I hope it continues for decades to come!

I thought I would let you in on our tradition, and then maybe you could also do it for your next Christmas or special occasion.

Ready...? Ok...the recipe is called 'Christmas Dinner in a Bag'. Its amazing...

1. Get yourself a bag of crisps.

2. Put a pickled egg in the bag of crisps....you could also add pickled onions if you so wish.

3. Add a piece of cheese to the bag....My weapon of choice is Edam.

4. To mix it up...add a slice of xmas cake. This totally enhances the sweet / savoury contrast.

5. Pull a cracker and put your hat on before eating 'Christmas in a Bag'.

I may have slightly changed the original recipe my mum gave me. 

Let me know if you try it, or whether you also have 'Christmas in a Bag!'

Note to Jamie Oliver: If I see you 'smashing and bashing' this recipe on 30 minute meals...remember it was our idea first. (Probs)