31 December 2014

2014....the year we drew a bum!

Can you believe it is NYE?! Say whaaaaat?! I only found out this morning. I thought there were another five days or so....apparently not!?!? It's here! 

I thought I would take a little look back on our year, and I was shocked to see how much we had actually done, as 'Flossy and Jim'....

We painted a mural in our home town of Brixham!

We opened a shop / studio!

OLIVE!!! Our hairy child was born!

In November we won a competition with 'Goodprint' for the 'Happiest Desk Award!' Yay! Haha!

We were commissioned to draw a 'bum' Yes....a 'bum'.

Some of our lovely clients gave us some amazing reviews! We love you! 

Babies were born, and wore our clothes! 

We got our first editorial, and our illustration features in a weekly column! Whoop!

Our merchandise became available in a number of retailers within the UK....and is going down a storm in London!

Our happy yellow market popped up all over the place, and we met some lovely people!

After months of trying...we finally spotted dolphins in the bay! I'm sure I saw one of them wave.

We met some amazing people this year, and made some lovely friends. A lot of these people happened to have beards. Maybe we should start a club.

Mr Benn sent us a message on Twitter!

The most amazing thing that happened to us this year is....we can't tell you.  (We had to sign a secrecy disclaimer type thingy) *sad face* We have been commissioned by a client in America and that is all we can say. I'm going to name it 'Project X', so I feel all James Bond. We will let you know what 'Project X' is in Summer 2015....it's going to be huge!!! We are VERY VERY EXCITED! 

So 'Cheers!' to 2014, and here is a massive cheer for 2015! Wahoo!

We hope you had a great year! What were your highlights?! We would love to know....(we are right nosey gits) Sending all of our blog readers a massive kiss and an imaginary cyber type glass of wine and a bowl of peanuts! Haha! Have a great one guys! See you in 2015! XxXxXxXxX