14 November 2014


Hello! Sorry we have been a bit quiet lately. We have been really busy with work - which is great! It has been hard though because we love writing our blog!

Today I was asked by a friend to find five photos that make me smile, for a social media project. I decided to share my photos with you on here too! Have you been a part of this project? What photos made you smile?

A lovely family photo on a cliff edge...with my charming daughter flipping the V's! Rebel!

My beautiful daughter in a more angelic pose!

Kayaking in our harbour town! Special moments. 

Walks with our puppy hairy child, on the beach! ;)

My amazing son in the woods...blowing bubbles!

The kids again! This time prancing about in the sea!

The kids looking super cute outside Exeter Cathedral.

A photo taken just as we finished our first mural! We then looked to the side of us and other people were taking photos of their children by the mural. That made us smile a lot. :)