8 October 2014

Unleash your inner shopper!

As you may have heard we were at the Torquay Pop Up Market on Saturday! This was just the second market run by Sarah and Mark from 'Kinky and Quirky', the burlesque organisers and also amazing artists! http://akickupthearts.com/

I don't know about your local town, but our local towns are suffering...the shops are shutting down, there are lots of empty units, and to be honest it's quite depressing. More and more people are shopping online, and i'm one of them. I don't see the point of traipsing up and down a street full of people pushing past you and grumpy faces....getting rained on, and then having to carry all the bags about whist trying to find your car keys... I would much rather sit at home with a cup of tea, order my items and wait for the poor postman! 

However, recently I changed my mind. Since the new Torquay pop up market came along and we have been a part of it, I have seen a new side to shopping...I have seen the shopping light once again!

The market is under cover (nice and warm, and no wind or rain!), there is live music (which makes everyone instantly happy and smile), the stalls within the market are selling the most amazing, unique and bespoke products I have seen in a long time (perfect for xmas gifts), and there is a top quality cafe which sells hot drinks and the most amazing cakes (what more could you need!). To top it off, this market is free admission! A free day out - amazing!

If your local high street is suffering too, why not support your local markets? You might be surprised at what you find! I know I was.

The Torquay Pop Up Market, Torquay Town Hall - follow the beautiful banners! Next market 1st November...put it in your diary!

We are there each month and this is where we choose to launch our brand new products! November 1st we will launch our xmas range! Be the first to see!

A wide range of stalls with lovely friendly stall owners!

Here is Ann! She sells beautiful jewellery!

Need some sweet treats? Pop and see 'Mr Sweet!' http://www.mrsweetvintage.co.uk/

Each stall is unique and sells products you won't see on the high street!

'Petals' were opposite us and they have a facebook page for their amazing products! They also had the most amazing old fashioned till, which pinged when they made a sale! We are going to take a bell for the next market...we will show them! ;)

A selection of the beautiful cakes at the cafe, made by the Ladybug Cake Company.

Jim took the cake eating very seriously!

The lovely ladies at the 'Ladybug Cake Company' - Thank you for all the cakes! We are still buzzing now! 

If that wasn't enough, they were giving out free conkers!!! We love conkers!!! (You don't usually get this service on the high street now do you?!) ;)

One last photo of cakes....then we will stop.....promise.

This lovely lady was singing at the market, and she was fantastic! She gave me goosebumps, and gave the market a really upbeat atmosphere! Everyone was up dancing or tapping their feet...(we saw you!)

Jim with a cup of tea...the excitement was just too much.

The town hall is a beautiful old building, and the music sounds great inside! Here is a photo of a section of the market!

Why is there a photo of lips?! You will have to wait to the next market to find out....see....now you HAVE to come!!! ;)