9 October 2014

Square Eyes and Mash Potatoes

Ugh...what is with this weather?! Anyone would think it is Autumn!? Our evenings and weekends are now being planned around films, pyjamas and mashed potatoes. If you are thinking the same, we have come up with a special 'Flossy and Jim Film Guide'. You might have seen all of our recommendations already...but if not, you might find a little gem for a rainy day! 

'Amelie' - the film is in french and has sub-titles, but this just makes you feel cultured and posh...and the actual film itself is amazing. Not just a chick flick...Jim really liked this film too. We both give this film the full 5 stars! 

A classic! 'Breakfast at Tiffany's!' We love this film. A feel good film for a cosy rainy day. We both give this five stars!

'Kill Bill' - Ace film if you have PMT or are in a bad mood. We love any film that is Quentin Tarantino! We agree Kill Bill 1 & 2 rock...we both give this five stars.

'Little Miss Sunshine' - not to be mistaken with the Mr Men. This film is soooooo good! Not what we expected...made us laugh a lot. Four stars all the way!

'Nuts in May' - Retro 70's short film where a middle-class couple go camping in Dorset, but peace and quiet elude them...this is our wildcard film...hilarious! Four stars!

'The Royal Tenenbaums' - really quirky cool film. Easy to watch and very entertaining. We love mucho! Four stars!

'Wild at Heart' - if you have not seen this film, you HAVE to watch it now...right now! Go! Five stars ... weird, violent, romantic....it has everything! 

Finally...Kaitlin is recommending 'Igor' (PG) for the kids! She gives it five stars...and says: "Igor is funny and good for grown up's too...but no swearing stuff in it." 

Stay warm and dry people! It's crazy out there! If you have any top films you would recommend, please do let us know, we would love to hear from you! X