28 October 2014

Our week in pictures!

We have had the most exciting and loveliest week ever! Our lovely friends got married and it was the most beautiful day ever! We made some special cheese and pineapple / sweetie hedgehogs for the occasion! We made a point of singing as loud as we could in the church, which amused us a lot. Seeing our friends make their vows was really touching and I have to admit to getting a bit emosh. (I thought only old ladies cried at weddings...eep!)

Earlier on in the week, we put in an application for a retail unit in Dartmouth. We are hoping if it goes through, we will have a 'Flossy and Jim' shop / office for appointments. It is in a really lovely location in Dartmouth, and there is an amazing cake shop nearby, so I have my fingers massively crossed. Will let you know what happens! We took Olive to see the shop, and she did a massive wee outside. We are hoping that this was a good sign. Thanks Olive....

The wedding hedgehogs!

What Kaitlin wore: Dress (Very), Shoes (Converse), Jacket (Tesco)

What Flossy wore: Dress (Very), Blazer (George), Shoes (Ebay)

What Jim wore: Vintage assortment! (Beard models own)

What Kai wore: Coat (Ellesse), Shirt and Tie (Very), Jeans (H & M), Trainers (Very) (Cheesy grin models own)

The retail unit in Dartmouth

The retail unit in Dartmouth

We are ready for Halloween!

We also got prepared for Halloween, with these small little pumpkins! We got them from 'Fairalls', our local fruit and veg shop, and they are so cute! We shoved some false teeth inside them and some little eyes! We got the idea from Pinterest - I'm a bit addicted to Pinterest right now!

So, what have you been up to? How are you getting prepared for Halloween? Let us know! Woooooo! X