14 October 2014

Getting to know...Tim the Vintage Tea Traveller!

Hi everyone! Here we are again!

This week we are taking over 'Torbay People' on Twitter (@TorbayPeople) to promote the bay and find out what treasures we have here! We have decided to do an interview a day...to get to know the people in our bay a little better! Our third interview of the week is with Tim from the 'Vintage Tea Traveller',  a travelling tea room complete with a vintage caravan called 'Dolly!' 

Hi Tim!

We cannot wait to find out all about you and your business! We hope you are ready for our interrogation...

*Shines torch in Tims face*....

So...Tim...when did you decide to work for yourself and open ‘The Vintage Tea Traveller?’ How did you make it all happen? 

'The idea came to me in the summer of 2012. Someone was serving tea & cake from vintage china at an event I attended and I loved the whole concept and decided to adopt it and adapt it and so in came Dolly the vintage caravan!'

Tim and 'Dolly' the vintage caravan

What do you love most about working for yourself?

'The freedom to do what I want and to pick and choose what I want to do. I also love the interaction I gain with my customers, and the amount of repeat customers I get at events mean I must be doing something right!'

If you were a cake…what cake would you be and why?

'Victoria Sponge, classic but tasty'. 

Tim...in cake form.

Haha! What has been the hardest thing about working for yourself?

'Money! I was lucky my parents loaned me the money to buy and have Dolly restored but it's hard working for yourself. You only have yourself to rely on to bring home the money and of course there's no holiday or sick pay.'

'Dolly' - Tim commissioned us to illustrate 'Dolly' for merchandise!

Who is your role model, and why?

'Without a doubt Hilary Devey. I love her attitude and the fact she saw her goal and started from absolutely nothing to the huge company she owns today.'

If you were King of Torbay for one day, what would you do and why?

'I'd get rid of all the useless councillors who seem to delight in keeping Torbay in the dark ages and hate progress. We need to move on if we are to survive as a seaside resort.'

The cutest business in Town!

Is there anything you are scared of?

'Spiders & snakes! Oh and making flops of cakes before an event and I haven't got time to make them again!'

Your cakes look amazing! I can't imagine them flopping! If you could teleport ‘Dolly the Vintage Caravan’ anywhere in the world, where would you go?

'Jersey. St Ouens bay is beautiful and Dolly would look awesome down there on a hot summers day serving tea & cake to all the visitors and residents of the island.'


Sounds amazing Tim! Tell us a random fact about you!

'I've worked with Jo Brand, Will Young and dancers from Strictly!'

Wow! Where would you like to be in five years time?

'Have my own vintage tea room somewhere in the area.'

What colour socks are you wearing today?

'Grey & green stripes. I think socks are boring so like to wear jazzy ones.'

We think you may have just won the 'Best Sock Award!' We love Torbay for its beautiful seaside…what is your favourite thing about living in Torbay?

This interview is making me hungry!

'I love the fact I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country and the fact the coast and country are both so close to where I live.'

Thank you Tim! We have loved finding out more about you! If anyone is interested in the vintage tea traveller or would like to know more, check out the amazing website:  http://www.vintageteatraveller.co.uk/ 

Who will be chatting to tomorrow?! A clue....it's a couple...and they live in Torquay....one of them is scared of gravy. Yes.....gravy. 

See you tomorrow! X